PSG have made a last minute attempt to lure Moura away from Manchester United. This is according to his agent Wagner Ribeiro.

People around the world watching the merrygoround of the annual transfer scramble in Europe and particularly the English Premier League must wonder what exactly is going on. Every day there is claim and counter claim about the likely destination of the top players. A common feature is that these players are from places far away from the EPL, like South America for instance.

The key to understanding what is going on, is to understand that everyone wants to be able to show that they achieved the best deal once everything has been completed. That means there is this snake dance throughout the proceedings. Currently, Lucas Moura is the hottest property on the market.

Moura is only 19 years old, yet has already played for the Brazil national team. He is rated up there with current pin up, Neymar,in terms of potential and ability. Manchester United have recently been the beneficiaries of a massive sponsorship deal with General Motors that cost the GM executive his job. It means that United have the cash to spend on the likes of Moura.

Because the selling club wants to get the most it can from United, it has stalled on a £30m deal, asking for a bit more. Now his agent has suddenly started to be quoted in newspapers in Brazil that he has had talks with PSG and that they are about to make a last minute bid, higher than the current Manchester United deal. This is all part of the silly game that is played out in these matters, so lets weigh up the facts as we know them.

Manchester United have a deal on the table. This has been confirmed by the club. It has been agreed in principle awaiting the outcome of a medical and then agreement with the player over personal terms. That involves the agent and that is where, as always, there are complications. If the agent can get more money for himself from another club, he will try to persuade the player to make that move. This is cynical but it does go on. This is the case here with Wagner Ribeiro trying to pinch some extra money for himself.

It is unlikely to work. Firstly,because his parents have gone on record stating that Moura prefers to go to United. He has, after all, played there already with the Brazilian olympic team. Secondly, he is already there, with Sir Alex Ferguson staying behind from the United tour of Europe to clinch the deal.

Of course, newspapers love this kind of thing, but it is a little disingenuous of the Daily Mail in the UK, to state one day that Moura is having a medical, only for a different reporter from the same paper to contradict it the next.

One thing is for sure, Ferguson would not have stayed behind from the United tour just to twiddle his thumbs in the office. I expect to see Moura sign this week, followed by Van Persie. there may be others on the horizon, so keep watching this space.