It is silly season in the EPL. This years transfer saga is that involving Lucas Moura. Despite the fact that Manchester United are the only club to make a real bid for him, it seems that his agent is determined to try and build this up into a saga. But is it really possible that PSG could just walk in at the last minute and make a deal?

The simple answer is no. It simply does not work like that, and there is a very simple reason why PSG are unable to sign Moura right now. It is nothing to do with money or the weather in Manchester. It is simply this.

PSG have reached their allowed number of non-European players. Unless they can get rid of someobody in the next 48 hours they are unable to sign another non-European player.

Mouras agent is a notoriously duplicitous character and cannot be trusted, so it is little surprise that his latest outburst of nonsense is little more than hot air.

Manchester United have the cash and they have made the real offer. Expect to see Moura at Old Trafford next season.

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