Manchester United News: Revealed - The Secret Deal Between Sir Alex Ferguson And Pep Guardiola

The news that broke this week about Pep Guardiola`s accepting the managerial job at Bayern Munich may have been a surprise to most people, however, there is one person who was not at all surprised by this decision. That person is Sir Alex Ferguson.

One of my best sources is a youth team player at Old Trafford and he has his nose to the ground most of the time. You would be surprised at the information which is discussed openly in front of players. It seems that there was a recent meeting between Sir Alex and Guardiola at the LMA (League Managers Association), where Sir Alex was giving a lecture during a secret two day seminar. Whilst the meeting and its subject have now become common knowledge, it is not known generally, that Sir Alex spoke directly to both Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola about his future at Old Trafford.

We all know that Sir Alex mentioned at the beginning of this season that he may go on another one or two years depending on his health, however, he has secretly divulged to both Mourinho and Guardiola his true intentions.

It seems that there is no coincidence that Jose Mourinho has stated that he will see out his contract at Real Madrid, furthermore, that Guardiola has taken a three year contract at Bayern Munich. Sir Alex has confided that he will retire in two years’ time. Guardiola will be coming to the end of his time at Bayern, and Mourinho will probably have left Madrid. My understanding is that the Manchester United board would prefer Guardiola as opposed to Mourinho, merely because there is less controversy surrounding him.

There will not be any forewarning or announcement until the final moments, so keep a keen eye on events at Old Trafford at the end of the 2014/15 season.

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