What was once thought of as pure speculation has now become one of the hottest topics in Spain. Will Ronaldo come back to Manchester United? There are a number of very good reasons why this is now a distinct possibility.

Ronaldo has a soft spot for Manchester United and his former boss, Sir Alex Ferguson. At United, Ronaldo was the undisputed king. In Spain, he is not regarded in the same way. Of course, they already have their figurehead in Lionel Messi, who is the epitome of what Spanish fans see as the perfect footballer. Messi is the inexorable machine, whilst Ronaldo is the erratic genius. It is just the difference between the two cultures that in Spain Messi is seen as perfect and Ronaldo flawed, whilst in England, Ronaldo`s disposition is revered. Messi is the merciless machine; Ronaldo needs to be loved to perform.

It is for that reason that Ronaldo sees his future away from Spain and back in England. Whilst playing for Manchester United, Ronaldo was footballer of the year and the Ballon D`Or. Since leaving for Real Madrid, he has been largely overlooked. Jose Mourinho, his coach at Real and his countryman will definitely be leaving the club at the end of this season. That would effectively leave Ronaldo isolated.

Another stumbling block, to which the media always refer, is the likely transfer fee. In Spain, the clubs put ridiculous buy-out clauses into their players` contracts. They think that will deter any predatory suitors for their players. In simple terms, it does not mean a jot! Ronaldo has a £1Bn buyout clause, but in the current financial climate in Spain, which is on its knees, the likely fee that would be accepted would be in the region of £55m.

It is suggested that United would not be able to afford this fee. Well that is utter nonsense. They have just had yet another profitable year and their share price, after a slow start, has rocketed. The club is now the world’s most expensive franchise at around £3Bn. They also have the new Chevrolet sponsorship deal about to kick-in. That would more than cover any such transfer fee, and they are working to buy out the last year of previous sponsor AON. They also have deals with Chinese company Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co, and their training kit deal with DHL. With United currently leading the Premier League by a mile and also looking good to progress to the final stages of the Champions League, now seems to be the perfect time to buy back Ronaldo.

One other thing to remember is that Ronaldo`s current contract ends in 2014. He has already intimated that he will not be signing a new one, so Real will have to sell this summer or risk him walking out on a free! In a final twist, General Motors have already made preliminary moves to make Ronaldo their global ambassador which would be another feather in his cap in his battle for recognition with Messi.

Do not be surprised to see Ronaldo in the red of Manchester United next season.