In keeping with the other tell-tale signs, today, I was on my way to the drive-through parade which starts at Old Trafford and ends in Albert Square, Manchester, when I immediately noticed that the huge banner that has been on the front of the building at Old Trafford has been removed.

What is the significance of that you may ask? Well, the player who is at the forefront of the banner is none other than Wayne Rooney. I have it on good authority from my United insiders, that the banner has been removed at the express request of Sir Alex Himself! There cannot be any clearer indication that Rooney`s days are numbered at Old Trafford.

In a straw poll in the Sun newspaper today, Manchester United fans were asked whether Rooney should stay or be sold. The answer was emphatic, with 73% saying that he should go! United fans are an especially loyal bunch, but they will only take so much. Rooney`s form this season has been appalling with below par performances, looking unfit and overweight all the time. Manchester United has won the title despite Rooney, not because of him.

Rooney`s nose was put out of joint the moment United brought in Van Persie; when he started scoring almost immediately and was credited with bringing the Premier League title back to United, it was too much for Rooney`s ego to bear. Remember when Ronaldo blossomed into a world class player at United? Rooney became a second class act in his presence, now it is Van Persie.

Rooney has never really reached the heights to which he aspired and everyone thought he would achieve amidst rumours of smoking and over-eating. His fitness has been such a concern that at one stage Sir Alex sent him to the US to try and tone up.

Rooney has scored around 197 goals in over 400 matches, but it could and should have been so much more. Where will he go now? United will not sell to another Premiership club, so I expect he will go to Spain or Germany. David Moyes needs to be seen to be the boss in this matter and get the best deal for Rooney, whilst bringing in the marquee signings promised earlier by Sir Alex before announcing his retirement.