You can always tell when the weather is getting better here in the UK because it is the time of the annual `silly season` for our illustrious hacks in the mainstream media. Of course, the fact that they all reside in a little enclave in London, far removed from reality does not help- matters. Sports journalists in the UK are constantly under pressure to produce new articles about football; unfortunately, sometimes there simply isn’t a story. That is when the silly season starts. Journalists are pressured into inventing stories to grab headlines. Like "PSG in smash and grab £40m raid for disillusioned Rooney!"

Any fans of Manchester United, and there are reputed to be around 650 million of them worldwide, will be startled to see those headlines, as he is one of the few world class stars in the Premiership. Of course, all the top players are subject to this type of hyped-up nonsense, but it seems that the first wisps of Spring in the air and our hacks` integrity flies out of the window on the gentle vernal zephyrs.

Fortunately, I have very good contacts at Old Trafford. I live a mere 10 miles from the ground. One thing I can tell all of you Manchester United fans out there is that Wayne Rooney is happy at Manchester United, especially since Robin Van Persie has arrived. There is as much chance of him leaving for PSG as there is me being elected Pope! There will always be the pessimists who say that there is no smoke without fire, however, in this case, there is not even any smoke. My main contact at Old Trafford is in the youth team, but they all bump into each other and talk. There is no talk of Rooney leaving Old Trafford.

The other main story coming out at the same time involves Gareth Bale of Tottenham. He is hitting the headlines around the world of football at the moment and rightly so, and I can confirm that there are moves afoot in Spain especially to test the resolve of Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy, with a massive bid for Bale in the summer. It may come from either Barcelona or Real Madrid. However, even in this case, they would need to move on players to be able to afford this, as the economic situation in Spanish football reflects the country`s, i.e. it is on its knees!

With the Financial Fair Play rules staring to wrap their tentacles around those clubs who continue to flout them, it will be hard to see the sort of irresponsible spending in the next few transfer windows that we have seen in the past, so moves like those suggested in the media for Rooney and Bale may be a bridge too far.