As I correctly predicted last year in an IB Times SportsNet article, Sir Alex Ferguson has decided to retire at the end of this season. I had information from my insiders at the club that Sir Bobby Charlton had let slip last year that he felt that Sir Alex would retire if he won the title again this season.

Sir Alex has been in charge at Old Trafford for 26 years and has won the title a record 13 times, meaning that Manchester United have now won the Premier League and the old division one title a record 20 times, two ahead of fiercest rivals, Liverpool an 18.

Sir Alex is due to have hip surgery in the summer and he had spoken to his family about his future; it was after discussing this that he decided that this would be his last season. It is fitting that he has gone out as a winner!

I will be writing a full biography for IB Times shortly.

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