Sir Alex Ferguson stayed behind earlier this week instead of leading his team to face Barcelona. The reason for this was to complete the deal for Lucas Moura. The deal with the club had already been done. However, the agent had other plans and touted his player all over Europe looking for somebody who would agree to pay his fees of £7m!

I have never shirked from criticising Fergsuons and United if I think that they are falling short in their transfer dealings, however, on this occasion I think that Sir Alex is right. United had offered around £30m for Moura and that had been accepted by his club. However, his agent would not receive any fees other than those he would normally get, so he decided to scupper the deal. If EUFA are really serious about eliminating corruption from the game, then this is something that should be investigated. Why should the agent be allowed to renege on a deal that is between the clubs?

Regarding PSG, they already have more than their allowed quota of non-European players, so Moura cannot join them until January at the earliest. Is this not a clear case of circumventing the rules? Talk of "boring Manchester" is insulting rhetoric put out by the PSG press office in an attempt to denegrate Manchester United. Is that not bringing the game into disrepute?

Furthermore, it may be boring, but are they not there to play football for £200,000 a week! It may be boring, but it is the best league in the world by a country mile. The French Ligue 1 is a backwater in football terms. When was the last time a French team won the Champions League? Well it was Marseiile in 1992. In fact, that is the only time that a French team has won the CL. The French league is so poor, that PSG have changed their trophy room to "the room".

All round, it does not make sense for an aspiring footballer to go to a league where he will win nothing other than the domestic trophy. He may as well have gone to Celtic! If there was ever a valid reason for the FFP rules, then this transfer is it. However, there was an interesting comment in Fergusons post match press conference after the Barcelona Match. Here is what he said:-

"I find it quite amazing that a club can pay 45million euros for a 19-year-old boy," said the Scot.

"To tell everyone that PSG are here they've signed Thiago Silva and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. They must have spent about £150million in the last month.

"The only deterrent to that is UEFA. In the conditions of European football, you don't qualify for Europe by winning the league or coming second - you only get in by invitation.

"That's where, hopefully, UEFA can have some power. When somebody's paying £45million for a 19-year-old boy you have to say the game's gone mad."

Hopefully that is an indication that Manchester United will make a formal complaint to EUFA about the conduct, not only of PSG, but the agent. Of course, there is an interesting side issue here in that PSG are a French club and Platini is staunchly French. Will he want to punish a French side? Let wait and see.