In all the media hype over the possible re-signing of Ronaldo from Real Madrid next summer, there was one player who went under the radar. That player was Luca Modric, who scored the first goal for Real Madrid in their comeback against Manchester United last Tuesday night.

Modric was signed by Real last year from Tottenham for £33m, despite there being interest from Manchester United. Modric, it seems, wanted to fulfil his dream of playing for Los Blancos and was determined to force through a deal, which he did subsequently. However, that dream very quickly evaporated, as he felt the full force of the Real Madrid fans ire. Up until last Tuesday night, Modric has scored just one goal for Real Madrid. Moreover, he was voted the La Liga`s worst signing of season by the Spanish fans!

Modric has let it be known by way of friends and agents that he would like to return to the Premiership and Manchester United would be his preferred destination. With that in mind, Sir Alex Ferguson has started the ball rolling towards a summer transfer move for Modric. This will be totally independent from the Ronaldo deal, which is being funded either jointly or individually by the two main sponsors of Manchester United, Nike and Chevrolet.

Of course, the usual suspects will also be interested in a player of Modric`s ability, so there will be interest from Chelsea and Manchester City, however, with Modric making plain his preference for Manchester United, Sir Alex will be encouraged to make a move in the summer.