Almost a year after their match against Sunderland where they thought they had won the title, only to hear that Sergio Aguero had scored the winner for Manchester City, Manchester United have won a grudge match to silence the bigoted crowd who taunted them because they had lost the title to City. Now the last laugh is with United as their victory makes it highly likely that Sunderland will face relegation. This is especially so as Sunderland have two difficult away games at Chelsea and Newcastle coming up next. If they lose those and other results go the right way, they will be almost certainly doomed.

Manchester United started the game brightly and took the lead early in the first half with a deflected goal that Van Persie will surely claim. After that, they looked in control and comfortable in third gear for the remainder of the match. Sunderland did not have one shot at goal in the whole of the first half and when they did manage to get into United`s half, they fluffed it.

In the second half, Sunderland made more of an effort, but the difference in class looked like a massive gulf, and it was only because of United`s lethargy in front of goal that they did not score more. This win gives United an 18 point lead with just eight games left, which looks almost unassailable. Next up is the much awaited match against Manchester City at Old Trafford which should just confirm Manchester United`s superiority.

A year ago, everyone was thinking and saying that United`s dominance of the Premier League was over. How wrong they were! As United revel in their 20th league title, there will be some wry smiles as Sunderland are relegated. It just goes to show that you reap what you sow.