Manchester City fans should make the most of their Indian Summer of success, all of it funded by Qatari money. City are a bankrupt club, being supported by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al-Nahyan. Were they to be subject to normal company rules, they would be designated as being  insolvent. It is against this background of financial unfairness that the Premier League has had to report to Parliament in the UK to agree to implement their own set of FFP rules.

In the past, these rules have found a number of objectors, mainly those who flout the rules, like Manchester City and Chelsea. However, Manchester United chief executive, David Gill, has now managed to muster the support of every Premier League club with the exception of.... yes you guessed it, Manchester City. In the past, clubs like Fulham have objected. That is purely a selfish reason, as their chairman, Mohamed Fayed, has subsidised dodgy loans to the club to keep it afloat. Even Roman Abramovich has had to agree to the implementation of the rules which would seriously impede his future ridiculous spending sprees.

It is hardly surprising that Manchester City are not keen. In the last year alone, they have lost £194.9m! That is not sustainable in any commercial sense and it has to be stopped for the sake of the game. There have been rumblings that Platini and his EUFA team are not too keen on implementing their penalties for breaches of the rules, especially as French team PSG are one of the worst offenders at the moment, however, we should look at the case of Besiktas, who have been banned from European competition for two years and a transfer embargo enforced.

Now, if the Premier League impose that sort of punishment, we should soon see a more balanced league, where financial prudence is rewarded by success that is deserved and not just bought. Arsene Wenger, who is a qualified economist, calls it financial doping. In other words, cheating. It is no different to athletes using drugs to cheat by falsely improving performance.

Lets hope that they can get these rules introduced quickly and fairness and equality of competition can be resumed in football around the world, not just the Premier League.