According to the latest buzz from The Daily Telegraph, Manchester United are set to offer Robin van Persie £220,000-per-week to join.

With this news, it seems at last the torrid transfer saga could be nearing it's end, but it still doesn't explain why any club would be mad enough to sign him.

Injury record

For a start, van Persie has effectively played one full season out of eight for Arsenal. In each of the other seven he's either been too young to play a full campaign or hampered by pesky injuries.

His ankles are shockingly weak and at 29 years of age, doesn't exactly look like an attractive purchase, owners always look at resale value, van Persie has none.

United don't need a striker

Sir Alex Ferguson's side aren't exactly short of strikers.

Wayne Rooney and Danny Welbeck excelled last season while Javier Hernandez waited patiently in the wings. Dimitar Berbatov is still a Manchester United player, so how exactly is Fergie looking to fit van Persie into his side?

Rooney won't be switched wide, so should RvP join, it would probably signal the start of the end of Hernandez's career at United - however unjust as that might be.

Can they afford him?

With Manchester United facing mounting debt, the club have looked to raise funds wherever possible. Entering the stock market is an indicator of how desperate they are for funds, so how can you justify spending so much on a risky transfer?