Jimmy Greaves once famously said that football is a "funny old game." The people running the top football clubs in Europe maybe no longer share that innocently optimistic view, but it does still hold true when it comes to transfers. No more so than at Manchester United.

In the last week, we have seen the sentiment surrounding Manchester United fans sway like corn from one extreme to the other. From agony to ecstasy. The IPO shares cash was going to pay down the debt, then it wasnt. Then the executives including Ferguson and Gill were going to receive some kind of share of the sale, then they werent. United were signing Lucas Moura then they werent. So what has suddenly changed?

All the focus of attention this past week has been on the IPO share sale on the NYSE. We were even given a preview of the ticker, namely `MANU`. Not very original, but in the UK, it is an abbreviation that irks staunch fans. Maybe the Glazers were going to use the cash to fund the necessary transfers? The truth is a lot simpler than you might think.

The reason that Ferguson has suddenly been given the green light to exceed the £20m that he had left in the kitty after buying Kagawa and Powell is that the deal with Chevrolet starts almost immediately. It is probably the massively generous nature of this deal that cost Joel Ewanick his job. The deal is worth over £40m a season to United over nearly ten seasons. That is around £400m to have the Chevrolet or GM logo on their shirts. The deal starts in 2014, but Ewanick agreed to start payments almost straight away to seal the deal.

It is that money that is funding the Moura deal and will now fund the deal for Van Persie from Arsenal. Van Persie has reluctantly gone on the Arsenal tour in Germany, but he has made two things very clear. Firstly he will nto be staying at Arsenal and will not sign a new deal there. Secondly, he only wants to go to Manchester United. He sees them as his best bet for silverware sadly missing from an otherwise glittering career.

I expect to see Van Persie at Old Trafford well before the start of the seaon in two weeks time. Watch this space!