Anyone watching the match against Everton on Monday night would have been forgiven if they had thought that an imposter was playing up front for United! Wayne Rooney looked bloated, unfit and uninterested throughout the match. His first touch was the worst ever witnessed and his demeanour was dreadful. In the light of this, and the reaction to the defeat at Everton, Sir Alex has finally run out of patience with his flagging striker.

To be fair to Ferguson, his cause isnt helped by the two useless nodding dogs at his side masquerading as coaches. Phelan and Meulenstein are about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. Carlos Queiroz had more knowledge in his little finger than those two idiots. Instead of sitting either side of Ferguson grinning or looking permanently puzzled, why didnt they sort out the marking? Why was Carrick marking Fellaini, whilst Vidic marked nobody until the 70th minute when the penny dropped, too late as it happened.

Sir Alex has lost patience with Rooney and will play RVP up front this afternoon against Fulham. Rooney may get on later, but will probably be shunted out to the left wing like he did when Ronaldo was at United. United have been a bit of a one man band since the departures of Ronaldo and Tevez, leaving Rooney as the only recognised world class player up front. That has now changed. Expect to see a leaner, meaner Rooney back to his best in a few weeks or else he will be left out more often, as RVP has a much better work ethic than Rooney.

Also, expect to see Ashley Young in from the start at the expense of the disgraceful Nani. His awful form continues from where it left off last season and it is little surprise that he and his advisers have decided to drop their laughable demands for a wage increase and new contract, instead pleading for an extension on the same terms. Nani`s days could well be numbered with the acquisition of Kagawa who looked an awsome addition to the squad even in the debacle at Everton.

United need to be shaken out of their lethargy from last week. They cannot afford another slip up with Chelsea and City both looking to take maximum points again.