Manchester United News: Which Manchester Club has the better strike force?

Yesterday Manchester United purchased Arsenal's star striker Robin van Persie. He was categorically known as the best striker of last season thanks to his match saving goals for the Gunners. However last season Manchester City held the accolade of having the best strike force in the league.

So now United have purchased RvP, which Manchester club has the better strike force?

Manchester United: Rooney, van Persie, Hernandez, Welbeck, and Berbatov

Wayne Rooney is said to be the best striker in England. Although he may not get the goal return of a typical centre forward, he gives the team much more. He doesn't play the classic number nine role and normally sits behind in the playmaker, number ten role. Sometimes Rooney can also play a lot deeper in the "Scholes" role. Ferguson and Rooney have both said he might adapt to this role in the future as age creeps up on him.

Robin van Persie's goal return last season was brilliant. Along with Rooney, they will make a fantastic partnership together. Some think RvP will give United the edge over City this season as he gives them goals when Rooney isn't firing. However this might see the end of Berbatov's rocky United career. There are just too many top class strikers on United's books for Berbatov to keep a first team role. If he stays it's surely going to be Capital One Cup football for the Bulgarian.

Welbeck and Hernandez are kind of in a visa versa situation. If Rooney and RvP are fit, only one of them has a chance of starting. They will never both get ahead of the key strikers. However they both bring different things to the table. Hernandez is the typical striker whilst Welbeck holds up the ball with his back to goal.

Manchester City: Aguero, Tevez, Balotelli, Dzeko

Sergio Aguero shocked the Premier League when he made his debut against Swansea. Throughout the season he got key goals for City whilst enduring a minor drought. His ability is clear and many put him up there with the best. But is he better than Rooney or RvP? Personally I don't think he is.

If Tevez was at any other club, except QPR, he'd be the most controversial player. One has to feel that if Tevez played the whole of last season, City would've won the league by Easter. His influence is that good. But once again many think he doesn't give as much as Rooney or RvP for that matter.

Balotelli is arguably the most controversial player in the league, obviously along with Joey Barton. On his day, Balotelli has astonishing talent. However when Balotelli doesn't turn up, he really doesn't turn up. He can easily go missing in games. This is probably the same with Dzeko.

If you compare Rooney and RvP with Aguero and Tevez, you'd have to go with the United pair. But when you compare Welbeck and Hernandez with Balotelli and Dzeko, you'd have to go with the City duo. So what's better; a stronger starting strike force or quality on the bench?

I'd probably go for United. Whilst Balotelli and Dzeko are better than Welbeck and Hernandez, the latter pair still have the quality to come off the bench and score.