A recent survey soon to be published by www.physioroom.com has shown in graphic detail the league table of injuries for the last season. It makes interesting reading, however, it will not please fans of manchester United, who were by far and away the worst club for injury to players. Moreover, it shows that they were the least likely to recover quickly.

In sharp contrast, Manchester City were at the other end of the table, showing they suffered the least injuries and more importantly, those who did suffer injuries, recovered quickly. This report comes at a time when already having lost Smalling, Jones and Evans to injury before a ball has been kicked, it has been reported that Ferdinand has now been injured in a training ground incident and may be out for up to four matches.

This is a massive blow, right before the first match; a difficult away game at Everton. Like me, I expect that readers will have thought that United would have the best facilities and medics available, so how can there be such a contrast between United and City when it comes to injuries?

Remember when Hargreaves left United on a free and immediately went to Manchester City? United fans were up in arms. However, what went under the radar, was an interview given by Hargreaves to the in-house Manchester City TV channel, wherein he claimed that the United treatment was poor and that led to his being injured for a much longer time than should otherwise have been. This was a devastating attack on the United medical staff and Sir Alex Ferguson was forced to make a statement defending his staff.

However, these figures will further bring into question the whole ethos at United, from training ground to the medical centre. It is interesting to note that United are planning to build their own in-house hospital at Carrington, and this may well be a reaction to the continual injuries to players and their subsequent recovery times.

It has been suggested that the training regime needs to be updated and the full blooded combat that is currently the way at United training needs to be brought into the modern way of thinking.

For those who might want to contest this argument, you may want to consider this; United lost 1681 days to injury last season, City lost 186! That alone requires investigation.