Manchester United Premier League Fixtures for 2012-13 Season


Manchester United will attempt to rebound from a 2011-2012 season where the famed Premier League club not only failed to advance to the knockout rounds of Champions League, but also finished second in the domestic league to local rival Manchester City.

Here's a look at the Red Devils' Premier League schedule for the 2012-2013 season. While the schedule to start the season appears rather weak, two late-season matchups with Arsenal and Chelsea might be the vital to their title hopes.

Aug 18  14:00 GMT  Everton                    v   Manchester United        AwayAug 25  14:00 GMT  Manchester United   v   Fulham                          Home Sep 01  14:00 GMT  Southampton           v   Manchester United        AwaySep 15  14:00 GMT  Manchester United   v   Wigan Athletic               Home  Sep 22  14:00 GMT  Liverpool                  v   Manchester United        Away Sep 29  14:00 GMT  Manchester United   v   Tottenham Hotspur       HomeOct  06  14:00 GMT  Newcastle United     v   Manchester United        AwayOct  20  14:00 GMT  Manchester United   v   Stoke City                      HomeOct  27  14:00 GMT  Chelsea                    v   Manchester United        AwayNov 03  15:00 GMT  Manchester United   v   Arsenal                          HomeNov 10  15:00 GMT  Aston Villa                v   Manchester United         AwayNov 17  15:00 GMT  Norwich City             v   Manchester United        AwayNov 24  15:00 GMT  Manchester United   v   Queens Park Rangers   HomeNov 27  19:45 GMT  Manchester United   v   West Ham United          HomeDec 01  15:00 GMT  Reading                    v   Manchester United         AwayDec 08  15:00 GMT  Manchester City       v   Manchester United         AwayDec 15  15:00 GMT  Manchester United   v   Sunderland                    HomeDec 22  15:00 GMT  Swansea City           v   Manchester United        AWayDec 26  15:00 GMT  Manchester United   v   Newcastle United          HomeDec 29  15:00 GMT  Manchester United   v   West Bromwich Albion   HomeJan  01  15:00 GMT  Wigan Athletic          v   Manchester United        AwayJan  12  15:00 GMT  Manchester United   v   Liverpool                       HomeJan  19  15:00 GMT  Tottenham Hotspur  v   Manchester United        AwayJan  29  19:45 GMT  Manchester United   v   Southampton                HomeFeb 02  15:00 GMT  Fulham                     v   Manchester United        AwayFeb 09  15:00 GMT  Manchester United   v   Everton                         HomeFeb 23  15:00 GMT  Queens Park Rangers v   Manchester United     AwayMar 02  15:00 GMT  Manchester United   v   Norwich City                 HomeMar 09  15:00 GMT  West Ham United     v   Manchester United       AwayMar 16  15:00 GMT  Manchester United   v   Reading                        HomeMar 30  15:00 GMT  Sunderland               v   Manchester United       AwayApr 06  14:00 GMT  Manchester United    v   Manchester City            HomeApr 13  14:00 GMT  Stoke City                 v   Manchester United       AwayApr 20  14:00 GMT  Manchester United    v   Aston Villa                    HomeApr 27  14:00 GMT  Arsenal                      v   Manchester United      AwayMay 04  14:00 GMT  Manchester United   v   Chelsea                       HomeMay 12  14:00 GMT  Manchester United   v   Swansea City              HomeMay 19  14:00 GMT  West Bromwich Albion v   Manchester United   Away