"Rome burns whilst Nero fiddles" is a famous quotation about indecision and dithering. Whilst it may not actually be very accurate in a factual sense, it is an excelleent analogy for the malaise that has smothered the club since the Glazers arrival.

Whilst the Glazers themselves dither and pontificate about listing the company on the New York Stock Exchange, the manager seems to be frozen by indecision. It was noteworthy that he actually made a sarcastic comment in his press conference in Shanghai about "not sitting on our backsides"  in the transfer market. However, actions speak louder than words and every year it seems we have the spectacle of Ferguson supposedly "chasing" a player only for a long drawn out failure to play out in the media.

Of course, the usual anti-United brigade like Sky Sports and the Mirror love it because it sells papers and attracts viewers, but what about the long suffering fans? United have been flooding the media recently about their fan base of 649m people worldwide. A strange figure which has not fullly been quantified, but anyway, that aside, a club that size should not be talking about "value" in the football transfer market.

Whilst Chelsea seem to be buying everyone without any hindrance or the myriad snags that seem to accompany every United transfer, Ferguson seems to be forever caught in the headlights. Frozen by fear of another Veron maybe. The club has not blinked in the past about paying £30m or thereabouts for players. You only have to look at Berbatov and Rooney. Now it seems that every transfer attempt is a long drawn out saga, where at the end, somebody like Chelsea or Man City just swoop in and do the deal. Bang! Done!

Why cant Ferguson do that? Either he is telling porkies about the finances available, or he is just suffering from that old adversary of mankind, old age. As we get older, we become more indecisive, or dither as is more appropriate. Whilst you dither and ponder every minutiae a younger man will come in and just do it. That is life.

What we really need from the club is transparancy. We either have the finances to buy the Moura Lucas`s of this world or we dont. Just lets have some honesty for once and put fans first. After all, it is the fans, not Ferguson, the players or the owners who finance this club.