Sir Alex Ferguson has made more comments about transfers this season than at any other time in his tenure at Manchester United. Normally, you are met with either a stony silence or some tangential comment that is meaningless. However, this year, he has made ever more specific comments about the types of player he will be looking to bring in to United and it is becoming very clear that it will be a one marquee signing and another very substantial one.

The two players who are being linked with a massive summer move to Old Trafford are Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo. It may well be an attempt at one or the other of those two, plus Robert Lewandowski from Dortmund. We have already discussed Ronaldo in a previous article, so let`s take a look at Gareth Bale.

Sir Alex missed out when Bale was sold to Tottenham from Southampton. There were doubts at the time about his future due to rumours about injuries. Moreover, you can never be altogether sure how a young player will progress as they mature. However, we now know how good Bale has become and he will only get better. There are two key areas surrounding the possibility of Bale moving to Old Trafford.

Firstly, there is the barrier of Tottenham chairman, Daniel Levy, to overcome. He has publicly stated that he will not let any more of his top players move to another English club, especially Manchester United. That sounds like a bit of sabre rattling to appease the fans. If Manchester United bid the right amount, in the region of £60m, Levy will listen. This will be especially so, if Tottenham do not make the Champions League place in the Premier League. Bale knows that his progression depends upon being in the Champions League. He will have seen Robin Van Persie winning the title this year with envy. He will also have noted the regret that Van Persie expressed about leaving it so long before moving to a club where he can win the trophies that would highlight his career achievements.

Secondly, the Tottenham manager, Andre Villas-Boas, is a keen admirer of both Nani and Anderson, one being a countryman, the other being a Portuguese speaking Brazilian. AVB, as he is popularly known, would be quite happy to get two players who would enhance his team in the way that he plays, one being a winger with pace, the other a midfield player who can play either the holding role or the attacking position. Of course, Manchester United would have to make up a considerable difference in values with some cash, but that would be an attractive proposition for AVB.

Whether or not Levy would crack or even that the player demands a move, remains to be seen, but Wednesday's game against Chelsea may well be the catalyst for any move.