As the end of the season approaches, the popular media are turning their attention to the upcoming transfer window, with ever increasing ridiculous claims. We even have bloggers aping the ever-changing claims in the newspapers every day, without the merest shred of any evidence to back up such claims.

A case in point is the Robert Lewandowski saga; I wrote last year that Sir Alex Ferguson had made a £15m bid for the player at that time, which proved to be unsuccessful. That information came directly from an insider at Old Trafford. I have contacts with some youth players and apprentices at the club and they hear all the inside talk. I wrote a few days ago that Lewandowski`s preferred destination is the Premier League and that he would also prefer Manchester United above Chelsea or Manchester City.

In recent days, we have heard the totally unsubstantiated rumours that he had signed a pre-contract agreement with Bayern Munich. Immediately, there was an avalanche of articles and blogs copying this story without even attempting to verify its veracity.

I can tell you that it is totally without any foundation at all; in fact, Bayern Munich have this morning put paid to this utter nonsense by making a statement that there is NO deal in place with the player at all! Dortmund has reacted to these stories by offering the player a new contract, which is standard practice in these types of situations. However, he has already stated that he will not be staying beyond the end of 2014 when his current contract expires. That leaves the only real alternative as the one I originally reported, i.e. he will receive a bid from Manchester United at the beginning of the transfer window.

Whether or not Dortmund accepts such a bid is entirely up to them, however, comments from the club that they would be happy for him to run down his contract are more sabre rattling than a real attitude. As it stands, Dortmund claim they have not received an offer yet for Lewandowski, which is probably correct, as Sir Alex will not move until he has decided who stays or goes at Old Trafford.

I expect that there will be an early bid for the player from Manchester United as Sir Alex usually gets his business done early before he goes on holiday.

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