Manchester United Transfer News: Frank Lampard And Ashley Cole Will Not Be Joining Manchester United.

We all know that the transfer window is the breeding ground for silly season stories, but is there any credence in the rumours about Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole finishing up at Old Trafford in the summer?

The simple answer is NO! However, as with everything football, it is not as simple as all that. In order to understand this proposition, we need to find the source of the stories. As you all know by now, I have my own sources within football and that is where I get the lowdown before it is even printed in the UK newspapers. However, the signals have been strangely quiet on this particular matter which suggests that there may be some gerrymandering going on!

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I can announce today that there is no chance of either of these players moving to Manchester United. They will most likely go abroad, Cole probably to PSG in France and Lampard probably to the United States. There is an outside chance of Lampard going to Italy. So where have these rumours emanated?

Well it transpires that the culprit is our old friend Neil Custis, calamity columnist with the Sun. Neil has a habit of inventing stories rather than actually reporting on true events, which probably has something to do with the nature of his newspapers tendency to fantasy fables. Mr Custis is obviously under pressure from his editor to produce some stories to grab attention from those publications which have the audacity to print real stories!

Whenever you read anything that seems unrealistic and it is attributed to the Sun or in particular Neil Custis, it probably is unrealistic and moreover, untrue.

If I get any information regarding either of these two players that suggests that they are indeed on their way to Old Trafford, you will hear it here first.

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