In a surprise move which will stoke up the fires of the Wayne Rooney controversy, it has just emerged that the Glazers family are ready to back the new manager in a massive £50m bid for Cavani from Napoli. This would appear to rule out any successful bid for a return to Manchester United for Cristiano Ronaldo and furthermore casts further doubt over the future of Wayne Rooney.

Manchester United are awash with cash at the moment after their successful title campaign last season and the new television deal now coming into force. They have also had a massively successful year as regards sponsorship and merchandising deals. All of this means that the Glazers are happy to back their new manager with a massive deal for a marquee player to underline their determination to continue United`s domination of the Premier League, especially after their rivals are also splashing the cash.

This bid is independent from the deal to bring Thiago Alcantra from Barcelona for around £15m. The Thiago deal is one which was started originally by Sir Alex Ferguson and new manager, David Moyes, shares his vision of bringing in younger players of high quality whatever the cost.

Despite having to compete with the likes of Real Madrid and Chelsea, Manchester United are now in a position to make massive bids for players knowing that they can accommodate them within the FFP rules; something which neither Chelsea nor Madrid can do. With the transfer window opening officially only a few days hence, it looks like the heavyweights are starting to make their moves.

It will be interesting to see what happens to Wayne Rooney should these deals go through.