When a manager is leaving a club under the sorts of circumstances under which David Moyes is leaving Everton, there is a swell of goodwill from the fans of the clubs they are vacating. These managers often come out with well-versed platitudes like, "I will not be coming back to plunder my old clubs players". Does anybody really believe that? The answer is no, because take Brendan Rodgers for example. When he left Swansea, he came out with the same claptrap, yet only a few weeks later was taking Joe Allan back to Liverpool, after the player "asked" to leave!

Anybody thinking that Moyes will not be straight back to Everton for their players is living in La-La land. The first player on the list is not Leighton Baines, although he most probably will be second, it will be Marouane Fellaini. He has already been sabre-rattling about how he wants to play for a club in the Champions League, does not want to play up front, but wants to play in his preferred position of defensive midfielder, breaking up play and all that. Here is what Fellaini had to say about his situation:-

"Every player wants to play in the Champions League. That is the big competition. Sometimes I look at myself and ask, 'What is my best position?' I think it's a defensive midfielder, that's the best one."

Well guess where there is a vacancy for exactly that type of player? Yes, you guessed it, Manchester United! Fellaini will be David Moyes first signing at Old Trafford. They will have to activate the carefully placed buy-out clause fee of £22m, well within the grasp of Manchester United, especially if, as expected, there is a clear-out of dead wood, like Anderson and Nani.

I expect to see an early bid for Fellaini to head off any interest from Chelsea, the perennial gazumpers, and that will be followed by Leighton Baines.