David Moyes is now in the final stages of preparing his transfer strategy and one of the first duties will be to offload the erratic Nani to big spending Monaco for a cool £20m. Sir Alex did a lot of sabre-rattling about Nani without actually doing anything about it, so it is Moyes` way of making a statement of intent.

One of the problems which dogged Sir Alex, concerning Nani, was that he could not find a club that was mug enough to pay the sort of money he required; now Monaco are buying up the world, the problem has been resolved. It also means that Moyes will now have around £80m to buy new players. All the rhetoric in the media about Gareth Bale and Ronaldo is paper talk; it is more than likely that Moyes will be looking towards his old club, Everton, for a midfielder, and that player is Marouane Fellaini. There is confusion as to whether he has a buyout clause, but it has been bandied about that the figure is around £24m, which will not deter Manchester United.

Nani made 215 appearances for United and though he showed early promise, his performances became more and more erratic. He scored a measly 39 goals in that period; a poor return for a player with his capabilities. Sir Alex persevered with Nani for the last couple of seasons, even though the performances were becoming increasingly dire. However, he then found that he could not get rid of the player for the amount of money he wanted; that problem has now been solved by moneybags Monaco.

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