In the last few hours before the real transfer window begins, we will have to endure the phoney transfer rumours which are perpetrated by lazy journalists, especially in the UK, where they have a propensity to make up stories out of nothing.

First up is the old chestnut and hacks standby story, Wayne Rooney. Despite that fact that my Old Trafford sources have assured me that there is no possible chance of Rooney leaving United this season, the media will have their moment of fantasy. It is annoying for fans around the world who do not have my contacts, and thereby, my inside knowledge that these rumours of Rooney leaving are utter fiction. Talk of clubs preparing bids for the player is even more far-fetched. It is simply not worth discussing any further, so I will move onto the next piece of joke journalism.

Evidently, AC Milan is preparing to bid for Nemanja Vidic. This really is an old chestnut and has absolutely no legs at all. Vidic will remain United`s captain next season and has already stated his desire to end his career at Old Trafford. Talk about him wanting a meeting with Moyes to discuss his future are so ridiculous as to not warrant serious consideration. Needless to say, Vidic will be at Old Trafford next season.

David Moyes has made a bid for Leighton Baines, as I disclosed earlier last week. The bid was around £10-12m, which is far short of the Everton valuation. However, this is typical tactics in bidding; you start low and meet in the middle. I expect that United will finish up paying around £15-16m for Leighton Baines.

Finally, we come to Marouane Fellaini, who apparently has morphed into eight different versions of himself and will join, Manchester United, City, Chelsea, Arsenal.... etc etc. David Moyes want Leighton Baines more than anything, because Evra has been on the wane for the last two seasons and has already said that he would not mind a move back to France. Forget about Fellaini; he will remain at Everton this season.