As we approach the 1st July and the next transfer window, it looks like things are heating-up, with a flurry of rumours and speculation. Trying to sort out the real stories from the half-truths and outright fantasy is difficult at the best of times, but with the real transfer about to start, we are going to look at some well supported stories.

First up is Thiago Alcantra; he has been the subject of mixed messages for some time at Barcelona and now it seems that he has demanded more minutes on the field or a move away from the Catalan club. Barcelona is willing to sell as long as somebody meets the £18m buyout clause in his contract and it looks like Manchester United are that club. United have been linked with the player before and had him watched last season, so it is no surprise that they are considering a bid, especially as he fits in with the youth policy now prevalent at Old Trafford. The reason Barcelona are willing to sell is because they want to buy Mata from Chelsea. Despite him being their stand-out player last season, with 19 goals and 35 assists, Mourinho is not a fan and will listen to offers.

Regarding Fabregas, it is a little more clear, as the player has himself stated that he wants to stay at Barcelona. However, the club are not as fond of him, as he is of them, so they will listen to offers. This is because they have now signed Neymar and feel that they have enough in the attacking midfielder department. It looks like showdown talks between Fabregas, his agent and the club should clarify what will happen to him, but I would personally be surprised if he went to Old Trafford.

Finally, it looks like United are stuck with Nani as the player does not want to be shunted back to Portugal as he feels that he is above playing for the clubs in their league! Bearing in mind that United are willing to sell for around £8m and still only one offer, it looks like he might just sit out his contract. Perhaps a loan will help, but he only has a year left anyway, so United might just have to take a hit on this one.