The transfer saga of summer 2013 looks like it will rumble on and on, as we read claim and counter claim in the pursuit of Edison Cavan, the Napoli striker. This week, the media in the UK claimed that a deal had been done for the striker between Napoli and Chelsea, only for that claim to be rubbished by a different newspaper quoting the Napoli president, De Laurentiis as saying that no deal has been reached because the buyout clause has not been met.

Of course, no transfer saga would be complete if Manchester United were not involved, so sure enough, in the last 24 hours, it seems that they have made a last minute entrance into the fray. There is no mention of what they have bid, or even a shred of supporting evidence or even a quote from anybody concerned, but hey, there you go.

Speaking to Radio Rai, De Laurentiis said: 'Will I let Cavani go before August 10? I trust in the man, then if he doesn't want to it'll be a joke on me. However, I believe he is a real man and will therefore remain at Napoli. If he does decide to go, it will in any case be after the Confederations Cup. We will know everything by July 20."
As if to confirm this, Cavani`s agent Claudio Anellucci, cast doubt on the report saying: 'There is nothing closed with Chelsea.'

What I can tell you from my United inside contacts is that there is no United bid at all. They are concentrating on Leighton Baines. I know that may be a little mundane for those UK hacks’ looking for a headline, but that is the fact. United nearly always concentrate on one deal at a time, especially as their main negotiator, David Gill, leaves the club tomorrow.

I expect there to be a flurry of activity from tomorrow, 1st July, which is the first official day of the transfer window and David Moyes first official day in charge at Old Trafford.