When Cristiano Ronaldo waved good bye to Manchester United a few years ago, everyone thought that they had seen the last of him in the Premiership. However, the world turns and things that might have seemed impossible a short time ago are now looking decidedly possible.

It is widely known that Ronaldo has told Real Madrid that he will NOT be signing a new contract at the Bernabeu. It is also known that his contract run out in 2015. Ronaldo has told Real Madrid that he will, if necessary, run down his contract and leave for free. Bearing in mind that Real paid £80m for him, it is obvious that they cannot allow that to happen, so Ronaldo will be allowed to leave if the right bid comes along.

I did write some weeks ago, that Manchester United had been in touch with Ronaldo`s agent, who has a good relationship with Sir Alex, about bringing Ronaldo back to Old Trafford. They also spoke specifically to club sponsors Nike, who also happen to be Ronaldo`s main sponsors as well. My inside information from the club is that Manchester United are offering a deal worth around £65m, which may also include Nani going the other way.

However, this week, it has become clear that PSG have also made contact directly with Real Madrid and are offering in the region of £80m, plus they can offer higher wages than those on offer from Manchester United, namely £250,000 a week. This is because PSG are backed by yet another Qatari outfit splashing their country`s money all over the world. This has spurred Manchester United to make further contact with the agent with a frim offer, safe in the knowledge that Ronaldo`s preferred destination, should he leave Real this year, is Manchester United.

Of course, he may be swayed by the level of cash being thrown at him by PSG, but Ronaldo was visibly moved by the rapturous reception he received from the United fans when they played Real Madrid in their recent Champions League match at Old Trafford.

How this will affect the Lewandowski deal is open to debate, but Nike have made it clear to Ronaldo that they will be able to pay towards his transfer costs if he decides to go to United. The end of the season is nearly upon us and Sir Alex usually does his business early doors, so I expect to see positive moves in the next few weeks.