Manchester United winger Nani could be set to leave Old Trafford as early as the January Transfer Window. The Portuguese winger has not only fallen out of favor with Sir Alex Ferguson, but is also reportedly upset that United won’t pay him what he feels he is worth.

            The United winger has had what can best be described as an inconsistent career since arriving at Old Trafford in the summer of 2007. When he first arrived, the winger drew comparisons to his compatriot, and at the time United teammate Cristiano Ronaldo, with many tipping Nani’s stardom to rise just as Ronaldo’s did.

            While even Nani’s harshest critics will admit that the comparisons to Ronaldo were unfair, many fans have still been underwhelmed with his performances for the club. While Nani still comes out with a performance every now and then that remind people of all the talent he has, and makes him look indispensible to the club, he seems to have far too many matches where he leaves fans and teammates frustrated.

            Nani has always seemed to be a selfish player, caring more about himself then his team. This was evident by how he always must do his summersault celebration before he can celebrate with his teammates. He then will follow that up by pointing to the back of his jersey, so all the fans know who he is.

            This me-first attitude has finally caught up to him, as it is becoming evident that his teammates are no longer in the mood to put up with him. There is no player that this is more evident with then star striker Wayne Rooney. Many pundits agree that Rooney can play any position on the field with just about anyone, however it now looks like Rooney can’t even stand to be on the same field as Nani.

            Despite great starts to the season both last year and the year before, the tremendous form of right-winger Antonio Valencia usually relegated Nani to the bench for big matches. While Nani can also play on the left, albeit far less effectively, United’s newfound preference to play a 4-3-3 with Rooney, Danny Welbeck, and big summer signing Robin van Persie, along with just one winger, has made Nani seem expendable.

            The Guardian in England is among several different outlets reporting that Nani is being linked with a move to Serie A club Juventus, however the price the winger will cost differs. United are rumored to be seeking £15 million for Nani, while Juventus are valuing him at just £12 million.

            While the two clubs reported numbers are not far apart, if the two clubs cannot agree to a fee this could get messy. Nani’s talks with United for a contract extension broke down last summer, and the winger will likely leave when his contract ends, leaving United hoping to sell him before his deal expires in 2014.