Zaha was born in the Ivory Coast but is a current England under-21 international. He plays as a forward for Crystal Palace and he’s been there since 2009. Zaha is known as one of the best England starlets of our time and has huge potential. Many believe Zaha plays a bit like Red Bull star Thierry Henry but he won’t live up to Henry’s legacy unless he makes the move to the Premier League.

But which club should he join?

Manchester United are endowed with attacking talent and a new arrival probably isn’t needed at the moment. With van Persie, Rooney, Hernandez, Welbeck, Young, Valencia and Nani United probably aren’t going to punt for Zaha. That’s not to mention United starlets such as Keane, Bebe and Henriquez. He wouldn’t want to join a club where he’s not going to get much playing time either.

Arsenal are also blessed with attacking talent. However Zaha is better than most of their options. All Arsenal fans would definitely welcome the arrival of Zaha and he would certainly fit in their squad. But if Zaha has the option to join Arsenal or United and he’s given assurances of game time, he’ll most definitely join the Red Devils.

Spurs have become a top six club in the past few years. They’re now battling for some of the best talent in Europe and can beat better teams to certain players. This is shown in their capture of Jan Vertonghen over Arsenal. Zaha would fit in Tottenham’s squad perfectly and would work well as a rotational player with Lennon, Defoe or Bale.

Liverpool have dropped in reputation over the past few years but they can still battle for some of the best players. They are also looking for vital young players to put on their wings. Zaha would fit nicely on the opposite flank to Sterling and could rotate perfectly. Although Liverpool may not finish in the best positions anymore, they still have the second best reputation in the Premier League.

Wherever Zaha goes, he’ll surely flourish and become a senior England player in Roy Hodgson’s set-up. That is if Hodgson still has the England job by then.