This year`s race for Champions League places has been nip and tuck all the way through the season. Three teams, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur are vying for a place in the top four to ensure Champions League football next year. Sir Alex Ferguson played a full first team in other games when playing relegation threatened teams at the bottom of the league, yet amazingly, in a game of this importance he played a number of reserve players, His excuse was that players needed games, but they needed games when United played relegation threatened clubs.

The FA would be entirely correct to investigate why the United team was full of second string players in a game of such importance. The integrity of the club has been impugned by Ferguson`s dreadful selection and he should be called to account by the authorities.

The officials, players and fans of Tottenham and Arsenal are entitled to know why Ferguson played a weakened team against Chelsea, yet a full strength against Arsenal.

I have been a lifelong supporter of Manchester United since 1958 but I have to say that today I was embarrassed and disgusted at the team selection and my estimation of Sir Alex Ferguson has gone down the drain. Sir Matt Busby would never have played a weakened team in such an important match to be fair to the other clubs involved.

United fans should hang their heads in shame at the way their team surrendered a proud record of home wins, record number of wins in a year and other accolades; all that was tossed into the dustbin when the team sheets were put in.