Mark Clattenburg News: Met Police Drop Case Due To Lack Of Evidence - What Now For Chelsea?

After having taken the lynch mob approach and beaten down referee Clattenburgs door after the match at Stamford Bridge against Manchester United, Chelsea now find that the police investigation has been dropped for lack of evidence. That has prompted yet more bizarre and misleading statements from Bruce Buck of Chelsea FC.

Evidently, Buck is now trying to claim that they have done the right thing by putting their case to the FA, even though the Society of Black Lawyers usurped their case and made the initial complaint to the police. Surely, if Chelsea feel that they have sufficient evidence, why dont they go to the police with it?

The answer is obvious. They havent got any evidence. Chelsea think that some statements, cobbled together from players who cant speak English make a case against Clattenburg. This flies in the face of evidence from three other independent officials at the game, who were all wired into Clattenburgs microphone during the match.

Not one of those independent officials heard any words that were offensive or racist. None of the Manchester United players heard anything either, a fact that seems to have escaped Sky Sports News who continue to try and make the case for Chelsea.

We have recently seen other malicious and false allegations made against a retired Conservative Lord, who served in the Margaret Thatcher government in the 1980s, with the result that after having found that these allegations were a pack of lies, he will be busy issuing writs to all concerned for defamation.

I only hope that Clattenburg does the same and once again Chelsea will be charged with making false allegations as they have on four previous occasions against referees, always after defeats.

Draw your own conclusions!

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