Mark Sanchez And New York Jets End Redzone Struggles. Lead Bills 27-7 at Halftime.

Through four preseason games, the 2012 New York Jets and the endzone were like Chris Brown and Rihanna circa 2009. Timcomplete Tebow and Mark Sanchez couldn't breach the restraining order that kept them from entering.

In the first half, Sunday those two lovebirds haven't been able to keep their hands off of one another. While Sanchez handled the swirling questions and controversy with great aplomb, nobody that doesn't talk to themselves on the 7-Train expected him to throw this well.

Sanchez has marched the offense up and down the field methodically and completed 15 of his 22 passes to the tune of 184 yards and two touchdowns.

In the final seconds of the first half, Sanchez lofted a pass to Santonio Holmes, who laid out horizontally and somehow kept both feet inbounds but placed braced himself with his hand out of bounds before getting the second foot down.

Against the Bills prized offseason sack-quisition, Austin Howard has been a better deterrent than former swinging gate Wayne Hunter. Sanchez has been pressured just once and was untouched.

Sanchez has had his bouts with inaccuracy. Deep in the redzone, Sanchez threw the ball high to Jeremy Kerley on a key third and long that that forced the receiver to make a circus catch falling down.

Sanchez also placed the ball near the sideline on a simple throw that Holmes caught going out of bounds that could have been a longer gain. Holmes showed his frustrations after the catch by spiking the ball.

Conversely, Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has thrown a pair of inexcusable picks and his best throw of the afternoon, a 30-yarder to CJ Spiller, was fumbled.

It's only been one half so it remains to be seen whether the affection between the Jets and the endzone goes as far as hip-hop's most complicated relationship.

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