The marriage between the Miami Dolphins and Chad Johnson is over. It was over before it started. Dolphins beat Evelyn Lozada to the punch and dumps Johnson from roster. Johnson was arrested on charges of domestic violence and simple battery after head butting his wife.  

Pumped to return home and play for his home team Dolphins. Johnson was eager to erase the memories of a dismal 2011-2012 season with the New England Patriots. Forever known for being a charismatic NFL receiver Johnson developed into a box office attraction in for the Cincinnati Bengals. After a few rough patches with Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis and Cincy looking to change directions Johnson "Esteban OchoCinco" was released and signed a one year contract with the Patriots. 

Last season. Johnson went to New England and became mute on and off the football field. Gone was the flamboyant nature and tactics of Ocho Cinco and gone was his NFL football elite talent. In New England Johnsons on field production became an after thought. His fiancee made t-shirts conciding with Johnsons talent "Non F'n Factor". Of course the t-shirts were made in reference to a quote she made popular starring on the hit TV reality show Basketball Wives but Ocho Cinco was no longer a factor on the field. 

On the show Johnson played the nice caring NFL fiancee' in love with the Puerto Rican star. Then the love began to blossom as Evelyn and Chad became closer and finally tied the knot in July of 2012. On the show Johnson never hid his urges of being with multiple women. Their was even a segment where he explained how hard it was for him to be committed in a relationship. Evelyn clearly thought she could change the charismatic playboy into a single women man. Something that he admitted would be a challenge but he insisted that he loved her.

Saturday night after Johnson's wife discovered a condom receipt Johnson pulled the ultimate "no, no" striking his wife with a head butt during an argument. The head butt left a laceration on Evelyn's head cutting her wide open. 

Johnson would later be arrested that night as Evelyn went to a neighbor's house to call 911. Police arrived to Johnson home and arrested the once highly famed NFL receiver. Arrest was grantd on charges of simple battery a misdemeanor. Johnson arrested on a Friday night posted a Sunday morning bail of $2,500.00 

Sunday Miami Dolphins front office announced that they would review the situation and reminded the media that Johnson had been warned to watch his behavior.  Coach Joe Philbin, not a fan of the theatrics warned Chad early in the week about his free wheelin ways after using foul language during a media interview in which Johnson responded that next Friday he would be arrested.Johnson was arrested now his marriage and career look to be in jeopardy. An example of how "One minute you can be on top of the world and then one head butt later it's gone"...

The question is are Johnson's marriage and NFL Career over?

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