A Michigan repeat wouldn’t be the craziest thing to happen in next year’s tournament. Or at least it wouldn’t have been had star point guard Trey Burke decided to stay with his team. Unfortunately for the Wolverines, the sophomore’s not gonna be in blue and maize next year, but that isn’t head coach John Beilein's only worry.

We all know that Burke is leaving, but what still needs to be answered is who else will follow? Mitch McGary, Glenn Robinson III, and Tim Hardaway Jr. are all up in the air about what to do next year too. Trey deciding to head to the big leagues doesn’t help either, him on the floor opened up the shots for the rest of his team. Not that they aren’t great ball players, but we all know that Nik Stouskas is never gonna go 6 for 6 on threes without Burke getting all the attention from the defense. Just cause he can do that in his YouTube videos doesn’t mean he can in a real game.

If Michigan’s big 3 aren’t around next year don’t be surprised, chances are that their draft stock is about as high as its gonna get. Burke is one of the best facilitators in the NCAA so chances are the rest of the team wont put up the same numbers with him gone. Spike Albrecht is a great player but definitely a step down from this years Wooden Award winner.


While it’s tough to say who will stay and who will go. One thing we do know is who’s absence will be felt the most. Burke by far the biggest loss but out out of the three remaining, its definitely McGary. With Burke gone McGary will be the one to step up and take over for this team. He’s proved himself as a dominant player on the floor by putting up a double-double in Michigan’s Final Four win over Syracuse.


Who knows where the Wolverines will land by this time next year, but one things for sure and that’s that if the big 3 head out it’s gonna be a long year in Ann Arbor.