The Big Ten is bordering on wishbone-like irrelevancy. It’s only right that Ohio State be on the verge of the most irrelevant undefeated season in college football history. Despite their three-losses, Michigan is on par with the Buckeyes even without their starting quarterback Denard Robinson.

A nerve injury to Robinson has rendered him incapable of throwing downfield but given his propensity for lobbing jump balls that may not be such a bad thing.   

After spending three years as Shoelace’s understudy, Gardner has proven himself to be an improvement over the Wolverines diminutive senior.

Braxton Miller is Shoelace 2.0 in the sense that both are smallish dual threats with extreme limitations as pinpoint passers but who comprise about 80 percent of their respective offenses playbooks. However, as much punishment as Miller has taken this season, it pales in comparison to the ox-like workload Robinson carried in his sophomore campaign.  

(2010- Robinson: 2500 yards passing, 1,700 rushing) (2012- Miller: 1,850 yards passing, 1,200 rushing)

Unlike Miller, Gardner is fresh and a bit more refined throwing the pigskin. He’ alsos throwing against a porous Buckeye secondary that ranks last in the Big Ten. Another 300-yard day by Gardner accompanied by a 100-yard all-purpose performance by Robinson should allow Michigan’s offense to roll.

Miller will be stymied by a Michigan secondary that is the stingiest in the conference. Against the Wolverines their one-dimensional offense will finally do them in.  

Michigan plays spoiler 31-28.

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