Rematches are great. Ignore the idea that it's going to be the same fight you saw last year and ignore the notion that the UFC has gone a little rematch crazy, especially in the lightweight division.

A rematch is double the drama, double the suspense, and double the fun. How else can a fighter erase a loss in the eyes of fight fans, and essentially win two fights at the same time. Rubber matches are like triple points!

Running it back with a fighter you've already faced has it's own set of challenges. If you're a renowned MMA strategist like Frankie Edgar or Georges St-Pierre, you've learned from your experiences and you know your enemy. However, if you have the MMA IQ of, say, Tito Ortiz or Ken Shamrock, then your opponents have probably learned far more about you.

There have been some epic rematches and trilogies in UFC history. Some of the biggest names created their reputation for exciting fights thanks to their exciting dance partners. Ortiz staked much of his name on dominating fighters of the first MMA generation. He pummeled Ken Shamrock on three separate occasions, Matt Hughes is forever linked to his bouts with BJ Penn and how could we ever have Chuck Liddell without Randy Couture, or vice versa? The answer, of course, is that we couldn't. Liddell vs. Couture was a history making trilogy for both fighters, for the UFC, and for MMA.

Over the years, some fighters have spent huge amounts of time in the cage together. Sam Stout and Spencer Fisher just wrapped up a trilogy that started back in 2006, and spanned 45 minutes of solid action. In fact, at the press conference after winning the third match at UFC on FX 4, Stout looked like he had gone the whole 45 minutes that night.

St-Pierre and Josh Koscheck have 40 minutes logged together, Frankie Edgar and BJ Penn have 50. But the essential power couple is Edgar and Gray Maynard. They have had a beautiful relationship of 58:54 in the cage together. And after UFC on FX 4, Maynard called out Frankie again, wanting one more dance. Sometimes you just can't get enough of that special someone.