The most Overrated Sports Event is NBA All-Star Weekend

The 2013 NBA All-Star Weekend takes place in Houston Texas, February 15-17, at the Rockets Toyota Center.

NBA All-Star Weekend is nothing more than a three-day weekend of excessive partying, networking; and it provides a great opportunity for Corporations like Nike, Addidas, and Rebok to cash in by “pimping-out” NBA All-Stars. It is also a good time for most players to get some much needed time to relax.

On a more positive side, NBA All-Star Weekend give fans (especially kids) the chance to see their favorite NBA stars up close and personal.

Of all the events taking place during All-Star Weekend, the actual NBA-quality basketball game played on Sunday ranks at the bottom of the scale of importance. Fortunately for the NBA, unlike the NFL or Major League Baseball—fans actually watch most of the weekend-long events.

The NBA All-Star game is nothing more than a glorified exhibition game where NBA stars are given a free-pass to showcase just how egocentric and arrogant they really are. Kobe, LeBron and company know come Sunday “the world is their stage” to show us just how selfish they are.

To them this is just a platform to collect another piece of personal hardware—the All-Star MVP trophy.

It doesn’t matter who wins the game. What it boils down to, is who can get the next big Nike, Rebok, or Addidas shoe contract. Also, much of the talk will be centered around which All-Stars are on the trading block before the trade deadline, as well as which “pre-Madonna” wants to have his contract re-structured before the end of the season.

This year, the biggest headline coming out of All-Star Weekend, is LeBron James getting is feelings hurt over comments made by Michael Jordan stating he would rather take Kobe over LeBron to start a team.

Rather than celebrating the illustrious career of Michael Jordan who just happened to be celebrating his 50th birthday on Sunday—the media and everyone covering this “over-hyped” weekend chose instead to appease LeBron after MJ’s comments supposedly hurt his feelings.

Thanks MJ—you’ve left the NBA in great hands.

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