Manchester United may have landed their man, Lucas Moura when he jetted in for his medical tests at Old Trafford. It signals their second major signing of the current transfer window. United have already signed Shinji Kagawa, the diminutive playmaker from Borussia Dortmund. Criticisms were levelled against Sir Alex Ferguson that his signing was made from a purely commercial perspective, but with the transfer fee being substantially less than what Chelsea paid for Eden Hazard, things can only go better for Kagawa.

There are two questions that need to be answered now. What happens to Nani, who has expressed his disappointment at the lack of playing time. In fact, there have been rumours of a possible move away from Old Trafford. Next puzzle that needs solving is that off Robin Van Persie. With Manchester City having bucket full of attacking talent, Van Persie would be wary of joining them unless they off load some players. Juventus do not seem a likely destination, purely on account of being an unknown proposition, given the fall of Serie A from popularity charts. That leaves the prospect of joining Manchester United.

From Sir Alex's point of view, he will have to find a place for Van Persie. He already has Wayne Rooney, Chicharito and Danny Wellbeck to call on as his striking options. One thing to be noted is that apart from Rooney, none of his strike force prefers to play the target man, just what Van Persie could bring to the table. 

How much do United pay for the dutch master remains to be seen. But United fans should rejoice at the prospect of watching Ronney team up with Van Persie very soon. Initially, it seemed as though this transfer window would be a quiet one for United, but they have expressed their intent with the signing of Lucas Moura. For most of us, the new Premier League season can't begin soon enough. 

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