History will be made on July 14 when the two best tennis players in the world meet at one of the most renowned sports venues in Europe.

Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal will square off on a tennis court at Santiago Bernabeu, the home of Real Madrid, to raise funds for the Real Madrid Foundation and Rafa Nadal Foundation, both of which benefit disadvantaged children.

It will also celebrate the 110th anniversary of Los Blancos.

Organizers hope the event at the 80,000-seat stadium will break the world record for attendance for a tennis match set last year when 35,681 fans watched Serena Williams play Kim Clijsters in Brussels.

"The objective of this exhibition match is to set a spectator record for a game of tennis, exceeding 80,000," the nine-time European champions said on their Web site. 

Nadal, an ardent Madrid fan who tries to attend as many matches as possible, is thrilled to be taking part in the historic event.

On his Facebook page, Nadal posted: "Back to practicing, very happy because the Rafa Nadal Foundation's event has been confirmed at Bernabeu!"

Djokovic has been a guest of honor at Real's facilities. The Serbian star has also been seen wearing a Real Madrid shirt.

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