The “it takes two” formula has shifted positions after the superb, almost miraculous game 6 overtime win the Miami Heat overcame against the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs had a choke hold on the “it takes two” reality, (knock out your opponent; win two games in a row) win an NBA championship title. The Spurs were at the NBA’s Championship Gate and were ready to enter leaving the Miami Heat’s dreams and desires at a second visit at the door of  the NBA’s Championship Gate but for various reasons the Spurs could not hold on to enter.

Of course, there is a bevy of reasons from the peanut gallery that have been echoed over the last 30 plus hours about why the Spurs did not hold on:

*** In the second half, the Spurs should have kept going to Tim Duncan in the post despite the double team; he did score 25 points in the first half.

*** Tim Duncan only had eight shot attempts in the second half. Tim Duncan ran out of gas.

*** Tim Duncan should not have been out of the game on two key rebounding situations down the stretch of the game.

*** Manu Ginobili had eight turnovers several during the Heat’s run in the fourth quarter.

*** Danny Green missed some shots he had made in other games.

*** Three Spurs players missed one of two free-throws, in the clutch, that could have sealed the game?

*** The Spurs ran out of gas at the end as shown by their body language.

*** Many of the Miami Heat fans who left the game early, and tried to get back in the game, but could not, after having looked at their I-Phones and the word spread that “their team” was putting up a real fight to the end, and that may have given the Spurs a false sense of security?

*** The list could go on, but the granddad of them all is the NBA officials who brought the Championship awards in view at courtside along with security and the yellow crowd barriers were being set up all in view, before the game had been decided.  It did look like the Spurs had the game in the bag . . . not so fast. Is it possible the Miami Heat saw these actions as an affront and found one more drop of inspiration than the Spurs could because they were winning? It is possible.

In game 7, the Miami Heat’s position will change. The pressure is on them to do what the San Antonio Spurs could not do, turn “it takes two” into “”I have two” and it is finished! Unlike the Spurs there is no tomorrow for the Miami Heat, today is the Day, deliver or stand on knowing you truly gave your best and walk away, to the victor goes the spoils.

It has been so long ago, since the Miami Heat has won two games in a row in these playoffs that the facts would have to be researched. Miami is capable, they did win 27 games in a row during the regular season while under the glare of chasing the Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West led Los Angeles Lakers record of winning 33 consecutive games.  It was the regular season and there is a life after.

The San Antonio Spurs despite their horrific loss in game 6,  with a win would have been the two games in a row to them winning a fifth championship. The Spurs earned another shot to get two. The Spurs earned the right to game 7, by winning the crucial game 5, after both teams were tied 2-2 in the series.

Tonight is the night! Each team stands at the door that says NBA championship title, Best in the World, it is one game, one win away and a team screams from within, I'll take it, it's mine, they will prevail!