The NBA playoffs this year seem to be a fight between a snore and a bore.

What happen to the game that likes to say amazing happens here? Is it the shorten schedule from the lockout, is it the too many back to back nights that have zapped the energy? Or is it that the first round is not really in any doubt?

With the loss of the Dallas Mavericks, a team that was the defending champs "the amazing" is just not happening this year. 

Though the Mavericks weren't expected to beat the up and coming Thunder, but to be swept 4-0 with little fight just adds to the plight of this years playoffs. So far the playoffs have been as predictable as a Jersey Shore episode.

Whatever match up you look at in the East or West its really not any contest. The Utah Jazz are fighting to just win one game against the San Antonio Spurs. The Los Angeles Lakers are just toying with the Denver Nuggets like a sumo wrestler would be with a chicken nugget at McDonald's. Denver has no answer for Andrew Bynum's dominance in the paint, and the Lakers are just trying to round into form and see if they can take another shot at the throne.  

The last series with some interest is the Grizzlies, who were last year's playoff marvel, taking on the new-kids-on-the-block Clippers of the other L.A.  Now, this is easily the best series in the West, but seriously, neither of these two teams are considered to beat the "Beasts of the East."

Those beasts in the East have been waiting all off season for this chance to finally start adding on some rings, having missed last year with there first swing.

The New York Knicks are swinging hard -- too bad its in there locker room at fire extinguisher.  With Amare Stoudemire playing with a bandaged hand, the Knicks' chances to get past the Miami Heat remain slim. 

The Knicks showed some heroics on Game Four, but Miami should not feel too tense. 

With the injury to Derek Rose, the Bulls are no longer "Daaa Bulls."  The Indiana Pacers are playing some decent ball, but with the Orlando Magic missing Dwight Howard that's pretty easy to do. 

What's left is an Atlanta Hawks team, with a battered wing of injuries that has Tracy McGrady playing major minutes, and the Boston Celtics basically toying with them, as they gear up for a potential match up with Miami. 

Amazing surely isn't happening in this year's first round, but it will be amazing to see if the Heat are going to fall once the games get more contested.