Analysis: When in need of headlines or storylines, head to the AFC East division where there are plenty of them. The Jets speak for themselves, but the Patriots and Bills have a few of their own.

The Patriots started off the season with a few head spinning games, but have settled down in recent weeks and that offense looks like Tom Brady of old. He has found Wes Welker again, took long enough after the Super Bowl, and Brandon Lloyd is playing as good as anyone in New England could have hoped for. Gronk is, well he is Gronk. And while Aaron Hernandez has been injury plagued all season, they have had a new emergence of the running back spot as Stevan Ridley has given the Pats a new dimension to work with. 

Buffalo comes in at 3-5 and looking to gain ground on the Pats while there is still time left. If they were to make a move, it would be today. They are in need of a win and look to do so with a quarterback who hasn't shown much confidence in recent weeks. Ryan Fitzpatrick has struggled most of the year and that offense is looked out of sync more than they had hoped for. The remedy for all this? Well look no further than across the line of scrimmage at a Patriots defense that has struggled to stop just about anything that has been run or thrown at them. They picked up Aqib Talib from the Bucs during the bye week, but don't expect him to make too much of a difference.

Midway through the season, we should start to find out the true identities of every team in the league. The Bills have a chance to change theirs before it is written in ink and the Patriots look to solidify themselves as a contender not only in the AFC, but in the NFL.

Analysis: Tom Brady doesn't lose games like this. With a chance to get a strangle hold on the division, he will come out looking to put the Bills away early and give his defense a sizable cushion to sit back on. At 5-3, the Patriots are looking to etch their name in stone atop the AFC standings and start focusing on a late season run instead of the games they lost earlier in the year.

Patriots 41 Bills 18