The 12th Man vs. No. 12

Analysis: The Seahawks will play host to the Patriots Sunday afternoon in a matchup that will feature two of the more dominant forces in the NFL, Tom Brady and the 12th Man. Both teams come in at 3-2 and are trying to put their stamp on the season. The biggest threat on the Pats offense could also be their biggest demise out in Seattle, the no huddle offense. Brady and company are seemlessly moving the ball with this new up tempo style and running backs Stevan Ridley and Brandon Bolden have given the Pats something they haven't had in the Brady era. The only problem with this type of offense in Seattle, is the inabilty to hear audibles at the line, and different checks that Brady will call throughout the game. The 12th Man will be loud and boisterous on Sunday and it will be interesting to see how Brady will run his offense, and adjust it as the game goes on. 

Russell Wilson has been picked off five times in the last two games and calls for Matt Flynn are starting to come by some Seahawks fans. Not so fast. Wilson has a decent completion percentage at 63.2 and although he doesn't look downfield often, he is able to control the game and take the yards the defense gives him, something the Pats defense is all too accustomed to doing. Getting the ball in Lynch's hands has proven to be Wilson's best weapon this year and eluding and making something out of nothing is something Wilson must continue to do in order for the Seahawks to be successful. 

Prediction: If Brady is unable to run his no huddle offense and is forced to drop back and throw it 45 times, the Seahawks must get a hat on him and force him to tap dance in the pocket. The Seahawks have a very physical secondary which will make life hard for those smaller wideouts of the Patriots. The Seahawks must win the turnover battle and take advantage of their 12th Man.

Patriots 28 Seahawks 20