The first one is getting sharper by every minute, and the second one has already arrived.

The same Barcelona is going to produce the 'new Messi'.

Though the 13-year-old Brahim Abdelkader Diaz now is in Malaga's youth system, but the rumours of Barcelona wanting to sign this extremely young player is getting stronger and stronger.

Barcelona has offered 50,000 Euros for this "new Messi", as has been dubbed, but Malaga, having some financial crisis recently, is farm in its stand not to accept anything less than 100,000 Euros.

The Catalan giants came close to have the best player in Malaga's youth system last season, and now giving Malaga another chance to sell him again.

This time none other than Pere Guardiola, Pep's brother is negotiating with Malaga.

Even Brahim himself and his family have already decided that he is going to leave Malaga for Barcelona.

 If nothing comes out, the Catalans will be able to register the 13-year-old through a federation contract.

Has the mission successful, the boy can start playing for Barcelona from as early as next week.