New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles Preview, Observations And Where To Watch Online

The New York Giants will take the field to go up against the division rival Philadelphia Eagles tomorrow afternoon.  What usually is a close, hard-fought battle that everybody’s eyes are glued to the field will be a somewhat decent game with everybody’s eyes glued to the NFL scoreboard in the upper left corner of the stadium.

The Giants must beat the Eagles tomorrow, and also hope that the Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings, and Chicago Bears all are on the losing side of the result in order to squeak their way into the playoffs. It’s not impossible, but it’s going to take a lot of doing for them to squeak their way into the playoffs.

Even if the scenarios don’t work out in the Giants favor, a win would be nice to carry some positive energy into the post season. A team that in the recent weeks has not been playing with consistency, a sub-par Eli Manning, and a defensive secondary that is banged up, a win against a division rival will lift spirits up around the organization. A team that is well coached and should have played better than they did this year will look to dismantle the Eagles, ending their season off on a good foot. Fun Fact: The Giants have not beat the Eagles at home since September 30th, 2007.

Here are a couple of observations for tomorrow’s game….

Giants need to play with pride

  • The past two performances have not been pretty, besides the fact that they gave up the control of their own destiny. They lost both games on mental breakdowns, lack of leadership, and lack of emotion, and that is completely unacceptable from any professional sports franchise. Tomorrow, this team needs to play for each other. Not for the fans, or their super bowl aspirations, or even to keep their jobs, but to just end on a good note, with some pride. Tomorrow will be a character check for this football team.

Force Michael Vick to throw

  • It’s quite simple. Vick has not played in six weeks. Tomorrow is Vick’s opportunity to audition for future homes in 2013. The time that Vick ahs missed will alter his performance, and he will use his speed and ability to run to try to refrain from throwing, and the Giants defense must contain him. More times Vick throws, the better chance the Giants have of winning this game.

  • Defense against LeSean McCoy

    • The Ginats d-line has not lived up to expectations thus far, and a good game against the Eagles and McCoy will show the league why they are considered one of the best defensive lines in football. Quite simple, stop the Eagles rushing attack.

  • Ahmad Bradshaw needs to have a big game

    • The Eagles are ranked 22nd in the league in run defense, giving up an average of over 122 yards per game. The Eagles defensive line is sub-par, so the Giants should not have a problem with creating holes for the backs. If Bradshaw is healthy enough, expect him to have a big game. Also, rookie David Wilson has been playing well, and this may be a game that may bring him into starting role talks.

I think the Giants will pull this out. It will be a statement game, and a tough one at that. I do believe, however, that Tom Coughlin will have his team fired up, and they will come out strong. Best of luck for them in making the playoffs, but if they do, I’ll tell ya, you better watch out for the “Big Blue.”

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