The 49-19 Thanksgiving defeat to the New England Patriots should spell the end for Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez.

The duo once seemed destined to lead the New York Jets to a Super Bowl. However, they have since experienced a spectacular fall from grace.

As head coach Ryan has failed to construct a credible offense to complement some stout defenses. His biggest problem has been the quarterback he helped draft fifth overall in 2009.

Sanchez has failed to live up to his "franchise passer" billing. Despite leading Gang Green to two-straight AFC Championship games, Sanchez has regressed badly during the last two years.

He has become shaky and indecisive in the pocket and his accuracy is mediocre. That's resulted in the Jets going from division contenders to also-rans.

This wasn't supposed to happen to Ryan and Sanchez. They were supposed to key a revival that would overthrow the Patriots as the supreme power in the AFC East.

They appeared to be winning the fight when they dominated Brady and company in the 2010/11 AFC divisional playoff. However, since then Ryan's teams have consistently self-destructed.

His offense has been undermined by disgruntled personnel and poor play-calling. Worst still, his once vaunted defense has slumped.

A switch to 4-3 hasn't worked and the loss of premier cornerback Darrelle Revis, has disrupted Ryan's complex, blitz schemes.

The heavy defeat on Thanksgiving was the Jets fourth-straight loss to the Patriots. The lopsided score line revealed just how wide the gulf has become between the two fierce rivals.

All the signs point to the need for change. The Jets should start by dumping disruptive stars like Santonio Holmes. They must also sever ties with ageing defenders like Yeremiah Bell and Bart Scott.

However, the Jets need more than simply cosmetic adjustments. They need big changes and they should start with Ryan and Sanchez.