New York Jets: Five Step Offseason Plan

1. New General Manager: Mike Tannenbaum's time is up in New York. Over the last few seasons, Tannenbaum has failed the offense in both free agency and the draft. The lack of weapons is a severe problem for gang green. Also, the lack of depth on both sides of the ball has made injuries that much more of a problem to a team that suffered significant injuries in 2012.  The major problem has been the lack of starting talent, see the 6-10 record. Trader Mike used to be known for acquiring major players but over the last two years the team has only gotten worse in part because of terrible cap management. Past cap saving moves have added up and are starting to make things difficult for the Jets to retool their team. A new general manager, preferably known for his scouting skills must come in and work on the mess that Mike Tannenbaum has left in the world of Jets nation. No general manager should ever be known for his mathematical skills with contracts rather than his ability to assess talent.

2. New Offensive Coordinator: Tony Sparano simply didn't get the job done in 2012. There were too many play calls that made Jets fans (and players) scratch their heads this season. The inability of utilizing Tim Tebow in short yardage and goal line situations prevented the Jets from continuing many, many drives. Some may say not having Santonio Holmes and Dustin Keller will make Sparano look worse than he is, but the offense was bad enough that those players wouldn't have been the difference so to speak. Sparano was hired because of his ground and pound style of offense, but the lack of pound was evident. The Jets need an established offensive genius. They need a coordinator that can develop the offense without even needing Rex Ryan's input. Norv Turner will be the guy Ryan wants, but so will a lot of other head coaches.

3. New Quarterbacks Coach: 

Mark Sanchez may make Matt Cavanaugh sound like a great coach, but it's time to note the obvious. Sanchez has only gotten worse each year, and odds are he will be apart of the Jets quarterback competition next season because of his contract. If that's the case, Sanchez not only needs a new offensive coordinator but also a new quarterback coach. The Jets haven't done all they can to develop Sanchez, and it's time that they do since they are stuck with him. Whoever's behind center will need better leadership and guidance than what Cavanaugh has brought over the years.


4. Trade Down In The 2013 Draft:

The Jets will be selecting ninth in this April's NFL draft. It's a defensive rich prospect pool, but with the lack of cap room the Jets will need to draft offense heavy. Unless they fall in love with a rising name at the quarterback position, perhaps North Carolina State's Mike Glennon, trading down is the best option. Trading down would result in an extra second round pick, and offense will be easier to find within that round. Trading back into the middle of round one will bring the Jets a dominant pass rusher, while both second round picks can be used anywhere on the offensive side of the ball. The new general manager will take his own quarterback at some point in the draft to compete with Sanchez.

5. Re-Sign Their Own:

With the cap problems the Jets will face this offseason, they will not be players in free agency. In that case they need to keep a chunk of the following group: Dustin Keller, Braylon Edwards, Shonn Greene, Mike Devito, LaRon Landry, and Yeremiah Bell. To do that, the Jets will part ways with the likes of Brandon Moore, Bryan Thomas, Bart Scott, and Calvin Pace. It will still be tough to keep even just a few of the names up for extensions depending on their economic wishes. Still, those players can all help the Jets as they rebuild and wait for significant cap space in a couple of seasons.