For the second consecutive home game versus a division rival, the New York Jets were run out of their own building.

This time they ran themselves out by giving up 35 second quarter points, something Rex Ryan said he had never seen before.

News flash Rex, neither did any of the 70,000 Jets fans that came out on Thanksgiving night trying to will their team to a dramatic playoff run.

It all went down hill after Shonn Greene, knowing he was stuffed on a 4th and 1 tossed the ball forward to push the Patriots back when they recovered.

On the very next play, Tom Brady threw to a wide open Shane Vereen streaking down the sideline for an 83 yard touchdown pass. On the ensuing drive, Mark Sanchez slid into his teammate, Brandon Moore, forcing a fumble that was returned for a touchdown by Staten Island native Steve Gregory. On the ensuing kickoff, Joe Mcknight fumbled into the arms of Julian Edelman who returned that back for yet another touchdown. 

The crowd, by the end of this utter blowup, were in disbelief. MetLife Stadium had never been so quiet, but that silence didn't last long as the rest of the game included booing and "Tebow" chants. 

Those series of plays will ultimately be the end of this New York Jets era. Turnovers aren't controlled by the coach, but mental mistakes are. Ryan hasn't had his team ready to play in any big game since they beat the Patriots in the playoffs back in 2010.

Rex Ryan could succeed as a head coach, but New York doesn't appear the place where that can happen. The amount of blowouts the Jets have endured dating back to last season are making this team the laughingstock of the league.

Regardless, it comes down to the General Manager, Mike Tannenbaum, who has failed this team offseason after offseason. He must be the first to go, and whoever is brought in should be able to pick his head coach.

If that new general manager wants Rex, then so be it. Maybe he will surround Rex with the right players.

If that new general manager wants to go down a new road, Woody must let it happen.

Jets owner, Woody Johnson, needs to hire a football mind to be his general manager and not a mathematician who knows how to work the salary cap.

Let this new general manager come in, and build the team how he wants.

Whether that includes Rex, Sanchez, or neither a change must be made starting with the General Manager position.

Jets fans should hope that this new general manager wants a coach from this group: 

Sean Payton, Bill Cowher, Bruce Arians, Tony Dungy, Andy Reid, or Chip Kelly

Possible general managers such as Eric Decosta from Baltimore or Marc Ross from the Giants would go a long way in getting a big name head coaching candidate to join Woody Johnsons ship.

A new era of New York Jets football must begin construction by New Years day.