This move would be in the best interest of the New York Jets for many reasons. Tim Tebow has been nothing but a negative aspect of the Jets season because of the distraction he has caused. Or should I say, the distraction Woody Johnson and Mike Tannenbaum have caused. Notice, Rex Ryan doesn't get a part of the blame there, and for good reason.

The irony is that Tebow has caused a distraction, because most of "Tebow Time" has taken place standing next to Tony Sparano on the sideline rather than on the playing field.

This hasn't come close to the distraction over in San Francisco where they have two quarterbacks fully capable of winning games. This is a totally different type of a distraction for a team in disarray.

The amount of timeouts that the Sanchez to Tebow mid-drive switch has been more of an impact then the one or two yard runs Tebow has been responsible for.

Heck, the amount of pressure that Sanchez has faced knowing Tebow is on the edge of the sideline has had more of a negative impact than the many runs that Tebow has lost yards on.

The only positives that Tebow has brought the Jets is three fake punts that went for first downs.

Morale of the story is that the Tebow signing is a failure of the Jets front office.

For more reasons than the ones listed above.

The biggest issue is that Rex Ryan won't turn to Tebow to start at quarterback because it's obvious Ryan doesn't believe in Tebows' ability as a quarterback.

Ryan doesn't believe that Tebow can lead his team because many times after games he repeatedly says "Mark gives us the best chance to win."

Sure, Sanchez has been terrible in the Tony Sparano system, but Tebow would actually be worse.

People forget that "Tebow Time" took the league by storm because Broncos offensive coordinator Mike Mccoy put together an entire system for the run first quarterback. This is part of the reason why Mccoy will be a head coaching candidate after this season, because he's applauded for what he did with Tebow at the helm.

Ryan doesn't want an offensive playbook change, he wants a quarterback who can be effective with the system that's in the place.

If any quarterback not named Tim Tebow was the back up to Mark Sanchez, that player would've been put in at the end of the many blowout losses this season. 

That player was going to be Drew Stanton, but the Tebow trade ended the Stanton era within a few days. Ryan would've given Drew Stanton a chance to show what he's got. After all, he did allude to that by saying "Had Mark Sanchez struggled, they said I'd have a chance to play."That possible move wouldn't just be because Sanchez struggled, but because Stanton wouldn't be paid based on playing percentage. It is known that Tebow can gain millions of dollars by reaching certain playing percentages and that's why he's not used in meaningless situations like blowout wins or losses.

With Tebows injury, Ryan has a chance to de-activate him. He has an opportunity to let a talented young man from the University of Alabama be quarterback number two this weekend versus Arizona.

If Sanchez struggles or gets hurt, there will be no problem with seeing what McElroy has to offer. The major knock on McElroy's game is his lack of arm strength. People can't overlook the fact he was one of the smartest college football quarterbacks to play the game. McElroy doesn't turn the ball over, and is effective at moving the ball down the field.

Part of the reason why Alabama won the National Championship in 2009 was because McElroy threw only four interceptions and had a 140.5 rating. Sure, they had Mark Ingram running the ball, but McElroy was efficient enough to win big games. In his senior season his completion percentage went up from 60.9 to 70.9, his touchdowns increased from 17 to 20, and he only had 5 interceptions to his name.

McElroy played well in the 2012 pre-season, although Sanchez and Tebow kept him from playing against the Giants or the Panthers. Against the Bengals and Eagles he went 16 of 23 with a 69.6 completion percentage, and one touchdown to zero interceptions. 

As a rookie, he also impressed during the pre-season, which made his sophomore showing a bit more legitimate.

The reasons are clear as to why Ryan won't replace Sanchez with Tebow.

On the contrary, there's no reason why McElroy shouldn't replace Sanchez if he has another poor outing.

McElroy fits the system better then Tebow does, and Rex Ryan knows this.

Woody Johnson wouldn't let Tebow drop to quarterback number three if healthy, but he isn't healthy.

Yet, Tebow was far from healthy on Thanksgiving, but Ryan still made him active. Ryan took a lot of heat for this, and rightfully so.

Will that very heat from the fans help inspire the obvious decision to be made now?

Woody Johnsons' bank account says probably not.